Sorry Cowboy, no one's perfect.

Sorry Cowboy, no one's perfect.

As part of a large team led by Nick Bailey, Lewis Raven and Adam King we helped create Sony's 2014 World Cup Campaign. The idea was a unique social network dedicated to football. The activity had +21m users and a global reach of 2.4 billion.

"Aaron and Andy are extremely talented, egoless and two of the nicest men in advertising. I'd recommend them for any future positions."

Ciaran McCarthy, E‍‍‍CD, R/GA


"They're one of the best creative teams I've ever worked with - real, honest, totally dedicated to the quality of ideas. We worked together on several projects for clients who are traditionally difficult to persuade when it comes to innovative ideas - and Aaron and Andy's creativity persuaded them to take risks, resulting in some of the most celebrated work the agency did in the time they worked here. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again."

Tim Wild, Creative Director, R/GA


"Aaron and Andy are a true creative team for the 21st Century, moving easily between any channel or technology, whether it be a TV script or an innovative use of AI. More importantly they can sniff out a big idea and land it. Then when it comes to making ‘the thing’ they love crafting the execution. Always applying their upmost attention to the smallest of details. Top blokes all round."

Andrew Ferguson, Group Creative Director, R/GA


"They're extremely hard working and able to deliver a breadth of strong creative ideas on any brief they're given. They're also great at taking creative direction and are all round nice guys. I highly recommend them to any potential employer."

James Leigh, Creative Director, Isobar

"Aaron and Andy are very bright and business minded creatives who question everything. They're thinking is always very thorough, and they come at briefs and business problems from every angle. They're ideas are always surprising and stretch boundaries in terms of what a 'marketing idea' can be, but are always born out of strong business or consumer insights. They are an invaluable asset to any agency who is brave and bold in its creative thinking. Exciting talents to work with."

Cat Botibol, Owner and Creative Chief, pd3

"Rarely have I met creatives with as much integrity in their approach and big, game-changing, wish-I’d-thought-of-that-you-bastards ideas in their locker, as Aaron and Andy."

Liam Fenton, Group Creative Director, Brave.


We're a creative team most recently employed as ACD's at R/GA London. We've got a background in Graphic Design and Animation, so naturally hands on when it comes to creating work. Our experience and skills cover most bases; writing, designing, concepting, or managing teams. We're happy to work into CD's or ECD's, or independently.

Currently available for freelance, and willing to travel.
For enquiries: [email protected]